This stairwell enclosure was inspired by the wheel fence at the Dahmen Barn in Uniontown, Washington. I bolted together a variety of steel wheels, gears and pulleys to form a safety barrier in this home bar…which happens to be MY home bar!

I have been inspired as an artist and a designer by my several trips to Ireland and the UK. In particular, I very much enjoy the traditional pub culture in those places…so much so, that I built the Dew Drop Inn in my basement! Friends and family gather here to play games, converse, listen to music and hoist a few pints. There is no television. Years ago, I was sitting with an English friend in a suburban Philadelphia bar, where everyone was staring at the screen and no one was talking. “That” he said, pointing at the TV, “is the conversation killer.”

To enclose a wall in a basement storage area, I gathered up discarded scraps of lumber—plywood, mdf, osb, beat-up floorboards, wood trim, a deconstructed cedar chest, parts of a derelict player piano—and turned them into siding. Wood species vary; there is pine, poplar, cedar, spruce, cherry, walnut and oak on this wall. Each piece was ripped into widths of 4”-6”, and cut to appropriate lengths. As it was an unfinished basement, I left each piece as found. With a bit of sanding and finishing work, I think the same technique would work just as well in other settings…I can see this as a wall in a pub, a rec room or any other somewhat masculine space.