I constructed this fun and functional bulletin board from salvaged fence pickets and a burlap sack that held cocoa beans imported from the West African nation of Cote D’Ivoire. The bulletin board material is new homasote. If it ever wears out, the board can be disassembled and new material may be inserted. Overall dimensions are approximately 25.5”H x 26”W.

This themed collection of beer cans is encased in a box constructed from scraps of plywood, and finished on the front with weathered barn wood and salvaged 19th-century nails. The cans take the viewer on a metaphysical journey through Leavenworth (prison), execution, meeting the devil, going to hell, being resurrected and achieving sanctification.
Salvation via a trail of beers.

This magical stained glass light box will brighten up most any room! The glass and frame were salvaged from an early 20th-century residence in southern New Jersey. The box is constructed from weathered wood from a barn in central Pennsylvania. The glass is internally lit by two LED light strips, and switched by an old-fashioned toggle switch. The frame has been stripped bare and painted in satin black latex, which really sets off the colors of the glass—particularly when the LEDs are switched on. Four of the glass panels have visible cracks, but as far as I am concerned that just adds character to the piece. Overall dimensions, excluding power cord, are approximately 17”W x 25”H x 4.5”D.

This Guinness mirror/magnetic memo board would make a great addition to a kitchen, rec room or pub. I’ve constructed it almost entirely from found materials. The distressed, solid oak frame is a cabinet sample discarded by a defunct kitchen renovation business in my town. The mirror and galvanized steel panel are both rescued from landfill. The Guinness logo on the mirror is laser-cut vinyl. It includes a set of six magnets made from Guinness stout bottle caps. The hanging hardware is professional quality. Overall dimensions are approximately 15”W x 26”H.

I made this sign from die-cut wooden letters and a piece of weathered siding from a barn in central Pennsylvania. Decorative objects such as this are quite versatile, suitable in a brick-and-concrete loft just as well as a cabin, cottage or beach house.

I constructed this little 3D fish sign from salvaged wood scraps and paints, an aluminum kick plate from an old screen door, and a small camera lens. This guy would look great in any room, anywhere! Overall dimensions are approximately 19”W x 13”H x 2”D.