Friends & Family

For a fun collection of pop/rock songs, written by a music industry veteran and recorded by a talented group of friends, visit Trust In Love.

Visit author Ted Botha's website. On the Books page, check out Mongo: Adventures in Trash. I'm mentioned in there!

Mimi Pro Photo is the site of a friend who is a truly creative photographer, and who does especially expressive portraiture.

For some really odd - but fantastical - photographs, visit Jay Pastelak's site. Check out the Archive page.

My friend, Fred Danziger is a great painter of realistic scenes, but "with a twist." Search the site for a 1999 piece called "Tools."


Home Sweet Home Brew is the best homebrew supplier! George is knowledgeable and friendly. When you visit the store on Sansom Street in Philadelphia, check out the world's largest housecat, Nugget.

When you leave Home Sweet Homebrew, walk two blocks east on Sansom Street to Tria Cafe for an excellent, ever-changing selection of beer, wine and cheese.

Check out River Horse and Flying Fish for some of the best microbrews anywhere. And, they're both located in Sunny South Jersey!

Other Stuff

Read the finest scientific and philosophical discussions online at Edge, featuring the likes of Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Stephen Pinker and my favorite, Jared Diamond. Superstitions not allowed!

For pure, simple fun, visit a couple guys with talent and a sense of humor who turned their hobby into a cottage industry, at Home Star Runner.

Okay, auto racing is an environmentally extravagant enterprise. But looking at the vintage photos of Northeast circle track racers at Picture Vault.

Richard Dawkins’ science-oriented site, is sure to please those with a naturalistic worldview, and dismay those who trust in the supernatural.

Waste away the hours staring in amazement at nearly endless bizarre animations. Adult Swim My favorites: Squidbillies, 12 oz. Mouse, Drinky Crow, Samurai Jack.

Without a doubt, my all-time favorite Britcom is The Mighty Boosh!