Author: WUrffer


I constructed four of these benches for guest seating at the Wyck House Museum in Philadelphia’s Germantown neighborhood. I modeled them after some benches that the museum had commissioned in the 1960s, which had in turn been copied from a late nineteenth-century design.


I love building tables in this format! The old sewing machine bases are very solid, but are open and appear lighter than they really are. Tops can be customized with wood, tile or even stone, and can suit the décor in most any room in the house.

Wooden Box

A small wooden box ready for delivery to a client, who planned to use it as a coffee table/storage piece. The piece was built using construction lumber and nails salvaged from an 1886 New Jersey residence. Dimensions are approximately 14” wide by 28” long by 26” high.

Rustic Table

A small, rustic side table built on an antique sewing machine table base, with a top built from salvaged construction lumber and 19th century nails. The table top measures approximately 21” wide by 32” long. The overall height is approximately 32”.