Welcome to Recycled Design!

I design and construct furniture and other household objects from found, salvaged and repurposed materials. Because the materials I might have available are unpredictable, so are the sorts of objects I have available for purchase. Please Email me.

My family background is German, and I am part of the eleventh generation of my people–the vast majority of whom have been farmers–in the New World. My ancestors were Schwenkfelders who came to the United States from the Alsace around 1730 to escape religious persecution. They migrated through the port of Philadelphia and settled in rural Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. I was born in Allentown, the seat of Lehigh County, in 1961, and raised in nearby Upper Milford Township. Both my parents' families were farmers, and I learned from them a respect for the natural environment, hard work, self-reliance and thrift at an early age. These progressive values carry over into the work I do as the Recycled Designer.

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